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Hi there!
SALE RUNS from August 15 to Thursday, Aug 25, 2016 - 11:59pm.

This is the online version of our souvenir tent at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival held annually in Rhinebeck, NY 12572 - Hudson Valley. The festival has artwork for every year and it gets printed on clothing, posters and other items.

We are again have a "Pre-Sale" which allows festival guests to shop online and purchase items for pickup at the festival. This is not a mail order service. Many people take advantage of this service to secure the items they want so they don't miss them if/when they sell out in the souvenir tent. It's also nice to shop for more diverse color and size offerings online, and not have to wait in a line during the festival for long (more time to enjoy the events and vendors!)
Some items are available online and some are only available in the tent.

Appropriate Dutchess County taxes will be added accordingly upon checkout from the store. New York State taxes are already included in the price of items that are taxed by NYS.

​T​here are no shipping costs because all purchases are picked up at the Festival in October.
​Please check the appropriate Pickup Location when checking out from the online store.
NOTE: Pickup Location Milk Parlor is located next to 31 on the festival map, on Livestock Hill, near the ATM.​

Print your receipt emailed from our online store and bring that to the festival to present and prove your identity. Paypal receipts do not have details needed, so please print the receipt emailed from the online store with your items and pickup location indicated.

There will not be a post-festival sale.​
Take your time and review the items in the store carefully. We will do our best to provide sizing charts. Many color options exist, so be sure to pull down the menu for colors. Sorry it doesn't automatically show you the color. Just click the other images in the product page to see the other colors with the artwork.

THANKS for your support and commitment to fiber artists and producers worldwide who come to Rhinebeck.

​Sizes: XS=extra small, S=small, M=medium, L=large, XL=Xtra Large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL

Payment methods: PAYPAL - AMEX - VISA - MC - E-CHECKS via PayPal.
Upon checkout, to use your credit card, just click the link below the PayPal login.